Supporting CABI for over a decade, providing their marketing team with user-centred design, iterative website development and strategic thinking.


The partnership in brief

CABI, the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International, is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation that works to improve people’s lives worldwide by providing information and expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.

Modular Digital has worked with CABI over the course of a decade. We’ve been lucky enough to work with them on multiple apps, websites, animations, databases, and various other digital tools. We’ve also developed ‘interactive prototypes’ for them, a process of exploring design ideas by building an interactive experience that helps other people see your vision.

"We’ve worked with Modular for several years on multiple projects and they have provided us with thoroughly professional and reliable advice and development that has stood the test of time".

Long-term digital consultancy

Modular Digital has built up a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of a wide range of digital products and services to CABI over the course of many years, and we have created a strong partnership across the entire organisation. Alongside this, our forward-thinking, adaptable approach has been key to the provision of user experience consultancy to the organisation on a regular basis. The many different digital tools and resources we have developed for CABI are now used throughout the organisation and across the globe.

Multi-channel digital product management & eCommerce

During our longstanding relationship, we have worked alongside multiple teams within CABI and on various projects. These include developing the organisation’s core multi-site with over 150 Content Management System users. This was a substantial and challenging exercise, involving balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders whilst maintaining and improving overall website functionality and performance.

We also created an eCommerce Bookshop called CABI books, which features numerous print and digital titles on life sciences and sustainable development.

We significantly enhanced CABI’s customer relationship management (CRM) integration systems, allowing them to manage their customer’s demands in an efficient and streamlined manner. Alongside this, we have provided the organisation with repositories of publications, resources and documents, as well as campaign sub-sites and blogs. We have produced digital animations for their flagship programmes Plantwise and Invasive Species.

We also designed and built an app for use by specialists in the field, and created pattern libraries for internal development teams to build extensible and user-focused graphical interfaces for CABI database products.

Evolving CABI’s digital toolkit 

We take a long-term view of client relationships and believe that working together collaboratively, as one team, leads to better quality and stronger results. We have learned to understand and be sensitive to internal organisational realities, decisions, and pressures.

Our approach has been to constantly monitor ways that existing digital products can be improved, and to constantly consider the possibilities for creating new products to meet the demands of a specific requirement or new area of organisational activity. This way of working has enabled Modular to provide high value, long-term strategic consultancy to CABI and to assist them with the ongoing development of their entire digital services portfolio.

The growing importance of digital technologies in every aspect of our lives means that Modular’s work with CABI is a key element of the organisation’s project to reach the sustainable development goals that it has set out as its core mission.

If you have an idea for ongoing digital strategy and delivery for your organisation, why not give our team of friendly experts a call to discuss the your needs in more detail? We’re always here to help with all your digital requirements, and the most successful projects often start with a great conversation.