Founded on passion

Modular, a human centred digital design agency, was born in 2012 out of a desire to break down the divide between device and human.

To create brands that combine organisational and customer needs and to solve problems with human centred design experiences and innovative technology.

Our philosophy has always been and always will be, human first.

Built on belief

Working with organisations making an impact on a local or global scale, we help them understand who their audiences and customers are to create bespoke, human friendly, user centred portals, platforms, websites and apps.

Because we believe brands, digital products and communications mean more, do more and achieve more if they are human centred - at Modular all of our design decisions are driven from insights gleaned from a deeper understanding of audience needs and motivations.

We're Modular

We’re a team of seasoned consultants, strategists, creatives, user experience designers, project managers and technical experts.

Modular in our approach, we offer all or just some of our services - strategic consultancy, brand definition, user experience design, app or website build, product development, content creation, scientific explainer animations, plus hosting and website support. 

Each and every solution we deliver is underpinned by our robust project management and rigorous processes.

Quality assurance and great customer service are not afterthoughts, they play a fundamental part of what we do.

Our large development team means we can start big or small, scale up and down as required with capacity to meet start up, scale up and enterprise level.

We think, brand, design, build, support and market products that put the customer first.

Our Values

Values driven, we seek clients to partner with who see the world we do and strive to deliver amazing products and services that meet their organisational goals, vision and mission but also ensure balance is achieved along the way.

People first  In our world, people always come first. They sit at the centre of our relationships, our design philosophies and all of our decisions. Human friendly design is the beating heart of our work. Relationships are the cornerstone of our business. Good vibes are what drive our decisions around who we work with. 

Hearts & minds  We’re all about hearts and minds. We only work on projects and with people we believe in. Organisations looking to make an impact by helping others, make the world a better place, disrupt the status quo, or simply raise the bar in terms of delivery within their sector. 

We’re your team We want to build great products but more importantly, we want to build great relationships. Ones that dovetail easily, collaborate enthusiastically and embrace working together and share the same goals. We’re here to do the thinking for you. Be proactive. Strategically, lead the way. 

Our vision

At the end of the day, everything we do leads back to one thing. Our vision. To help organisations put humans at the heart of their products.

Partner with us

You're in this for the long haul, so are we.

Our team exist to enable your organisation to deliver critical projects, embrace digitalisation, launch new products and consistently improve existing ones. 

If you are looking for a long lasting partnership, a team of expert consultants who get to know you, your audiences, customers and products, inside and out.

A team who are on hand to help you navigate the ever changing digital landscape with planning, technical strategy, design and build of innovative human centred products.

Using technology that is right for you, your team and you audiences. Always seamless, simple and east to use.

Create a consistent and coherent brand that propels your purpose...

...get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


Our expertise

Tackling global development challenges with multi-language, multi-region research and user first communication platforms for diverse global audiences.

Fuelling innovation with human centred thinking, user driven design, data, AI and cutting edge technologies.

Protecting our global ecosystem with evidence based research, data and bespoke software development.

Smart thinking

Balancing technological advances with human needs is the greatest challenge we face today.

In each of our evidence based case studies and insights, we explore unique audiences and how you best meet their needs whilst at the same time embrace cutting edge technologies.