StarIdaz: Coordinating animal health research globally to accelerate delivery of disease control tools and strategies

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Updated: 15 Jun 2024



Modular partners with STAR-IDAZ IRC, a global membership organisation

At the end of 2023, Modular were invited to partner with the STAR-IDAZ team to align their online platform with their audience needs. Create a single web platform that unites the products, engages members and facilitates the goals of the IRC. 

STAR-IDAZ is an international research consortium of research funders and programme owners and has regional Networks across Europe,  Americas, Africa & Middle East, and Asia & Australasia.

The overall objective of the STAR-IDAZ IRC is to coordinate research at the international level to contribute to new and improved animal health strategies for at least 30 priority diseases/infections/issues.


Vital deliverables for animal health

  • The consortium has a number of deliverables to meet which include:
  • candidate vaccines, and/or
  • diagnostics, and/or
  • therapeutics and other animal health products, and/or
  • procedures and/or
  • key scientific information/tools to support risk analysis and disease control

How Modular are helping STAR-IDAZ

We’re thrilled to be working with the STAR-IDAZ and being part of their product development team. 

We are shoring up the STAR-IDAZ team with strategic thinking, brand design, user experience research and engagement, user experience design, user interface design, bespoke platform development, integrated AI technologies, CMS training and ongoing platform support. 

Modular works with passionate global organisations driven to make a difference by uniting scientists, researchers and funders in a bid to fuel innovation and scale impact. 

If you have a vision or project and are looking for a digital team to think, design and build an innovative bespoke platform, website or app, then get in touch. We might be just the right people to speak to.

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