Modular Digital seeks Project Manager

Modular Digital seeks Client Relations & Project Manager to do BIG things

Modular helps small marketing teams get the most out of their websites and content management systems. We naturally gravitate towards organisations making a big impact, teams who are passionate about what they do.

Currently we support a portfolio of around 20 clients with website design and build, website iterations and support contracts. A mix of charities, membership orgs, publishers and SMEs within conservation, sustainability, international development, arts and tourism, academia and history. 

Over the last year we’ve been focusing on delivering amazing customer service shored up by awesome project management.  We’ve worked hard to develop great systems and implement robust processes, so that our clients experience seamless project delivery, every time. 

We love the clients we work with and want to find more like them. 

As we continue to grow, we want to ensure our high levels of customer service are maintained.

Experienced, CMS loving Project Manager

As our portfolio of clients grows, we need to maintain the seamless Modular experience for our clients. 

Needed now is a super friendly and personable, switched on Project Manager to keep the plates spinning and make sure everyone and everything is up to date, internally and externally. 

You’ll be responsible for the project management of new product launches, adopting existing sites into our Modular Support environment, overseeing support requests and iterative work on existing products. 

In many respects, you are the seamless Modular experience.

Who you are

Having earned your stripes in previous digital agency roles (this is pretty essential), not only will you be super comfortable with a broad range of clients, you can easily manage a large number of projects simultaneously. 

If you prefer singular, big project management, this gig will not be for you. 

You love putting order into chaos. Naturally organised, you are always one step ahead. Being chased by a client would be your worst nightmare. The thought of missing a deadline gives you shivers. Your systems are always up to date and you know on the spot, the status of your projects. 

But, being busy doesn’t freak you out. Neither does a large volume of tasks (some of which may be very dull). Your inner zen carries you through and even if the world around you feels crazy, you retain your sense of balance. 

Flexible, adaptable, you get that priorities shift. Looking ahead and forecasting change is just part of the job. 

This is a digital role, so it is a given you understand Content Management Systems and what it takes to build, deploy and service them at project level, even if you are not physically doing that yourself. We don’t expect you to be a Technical genius, but you do need to be able to navigate comfortably with developers and sketch out scopes of work and technical plans. 

A real sunbeam, you see challenges as character building and a chance to solve a problem. A good sense of humour is essential, as is being a real team player. 

It would make sense for you to be Bristol based but we’re happy to look at applications from outside the city, provided you are happy to cover your travel time and costs for the face to face events and meetings you need to attend.

Kick Arse Modular Digital Project Manager

Our Culture

Our goal is to work with clients we love and for you to love what you do.

We work hard to build a culture that is open, inclusive, supportive and flexible. 

Titles don’t really matter to us, but what you do does. 

Productivity, energy and focus all rank higher than time spent at your desk. 

We work remotely but regularly catch up face to face for meetings and as a team. 

We’re a small team, so it is a bit warts and all. Strengths shine, so do our weaknesses. 

We’re not perfect, but we’re always working to make it better.

What’s on offer?

We’re pitching the salary at around £35K for working 9 days out of ten. Basically, you get every other Friday off. Let’s call it a 9in10 fortnight. When we are bigger, we hope to extend this further with a higher ratio of Friday’s off.

Work life balance is super important to us. For this role, we offer flexible working hours. So long as you are available for our core hours 9.30am – 4.00pm  and when needed for key meetings, we are happy to offer working hours that work for you.

You get 35 days annual leave + bank holiday as contracted leave. 

When possible, we offer additional Christmas holiday leave (approx. 4 days) which varies depending on when Christmas falls.

Next steps

If you are up for the challenge, please apply via email to with an overview of your salary expectations, yourself and what you can bring to the table, why you want to join our team, and your relevant experience.

Don’t worry about your CV – it is just a job timeline. I can take a quick peek at your Linkedin profile to get that info. I’ll get in touch to have an initial chat, and then if there is mutual interest, set up a face to face meeting.

Written by Emma Millington, Head of Customer Relations

Emma Millington

Emma Millington

Head of Customer Relations - Passionate about demystifying tech so we can all speak the same language

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