Modular Team

Our Mission

Create Content Managed Websites and Apps that even the least confident and experienced team member can use quickly and easily. 

Integrate user experienced designs that audiences love. 

Build platforms that are sustainable and cater not just for today’s needs, but future ones. 

Provide the best affordable after care and support service in the sector.

Take on legacy projects or new builds; apply the same level of care to both.

Provide iterative modules of design or development so our customers can buy just those services they need. 

Strategically support organisations in their mindset growth around digital planning and investment. 

Enable organisations to be self-sufficient and navigate discourse comfortably around the configuration of the system and development needs. 

Along the way. Have a bit of fun. Take the stress and hassle out of a complex project and make it digestible. Make the journey as easy and painless as possible.

Posted by Emma Millington, Head of Customer Relations

Emma Millington

Emma Millington

Head of Customer Relations - Passionate about demystifying tech so we can all speak the same language