Modular Team

Our Mission

We’re a Customer First Digital Delivery Team.

Our mission is to bring clients closer to their customers.

Working with organisations making a big impact on a global or local scale – sometimes both – we’ll help them understand and meet their customer’s needs, so that through their digital products and services, they can connect on a deeper, emotional level. 

Craft unique, bespoke digital experiences that support, inspire, engage, empathise, and excite. Build brand advocacy, loyalty and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Build human friendly products underpinned by human friendly content, all delivered by a human friendly team. 

We think, brand, design, build and market products that put the customer first.

Posted by Emma Millington, Head of Customer Relations

Emma Millington

Emma Millington

Head of Customer Relations - Passionate about demystifying tech so we can all speak the same language