Voices Charity

VOICES, a domestic abuse charity, needed a rebrand and a new digital safe space so they could empower those reaching out for help via the website.

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"We absolutely love our website and feel at last we have something that truly represents who we are and what we do as a charity. Modular were excellent to work with, matching technical expertise with good communication, creativity and empathy".

Peer support through Trauma-Informed Design

Safety and empathy

VOICES provide one to one support for those who have experienced domestic abuse and are ready to begin the process of recovery. They wanted to create a safe space online, where users could feel heard and could access support safely.

A new look

Rebranding, complete with a new logo and suite of illustrated icons, breathed new life into the organisation, helping them stand out as advocates for improved services.

Getting the point across

We worked with the team to strengthen their own voice when it comes to copy, so they can clearly demonstrate how they operate to funders and supporters.

Empowering visitors

Trauma-Informed Design produced a site that helps put visitors at ease, knowing they are connecting with an organisation that understands their needs and guides them to take control of their own support and advocacy.

VOICES Logo_Use on light Backgrounds

About Voices Charity

VOICES are a Bath based, domestic abuse charity providing 1-2-1 support to those ready to start a process of recovery.


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