Positively positioning brand and services to create a welcoming space that encourages people to engage with help and support services.


“Working with the SARSAS was inspiring. Everyone was super focussed on the users’ experience throughout the whole design process. We felt privileged to be part of such an amazing, impactful project.”

Putting accessibility and inclusivity at the forefront of online services

We helped SARSAS transform their online service by curating a website with a human touch; A safe, welcoming space where everyone is seen and heard. Information had to be easy to find, the site easy to use and donations easy to make.

Self referrals

We designed a simple, straight forward, self-referral system so that the process was as stress-free as possible for anyone seeking help when they needed it.

Improved Donations

Generating more income to do more good, we brought the donation function into the limelight and supported it with positive illustrations of where the investment has impact.

Easy to use Content Management System

Having a really simple to use CMS was key for the marketing team. Using WordPress CMS, we built the site, onboarded the SARSAS team and continue to support them by being on hand to answer any questions and keep the site running well.



SARAS offer a specialist support service for people affected by rape or any kind of sexual assault or abuse at any time in their lives


  1. Charity & Non-profit


  1. Launch
  2. Sustain


  1. Usability Testing
  2. Web Design
  3. Wordpress CMS


  1. Wordpress
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