North Bristol Advice Centre (NBAC)

Helping individuals access advice services and build financial resilience with a new user centred, accessible website and advice tool.


"Modular provided excellent support throughout the development of our new online tool and website. They took us through the process step by step, in a way that enabled us “non- techies” to understand and helped us to align in-house digital systems. Working with them was a valuable and productive experience and we are delighted with the end result.”

Social justice charity embraces digital first service design

In a bid to improve efficiency service provision, NBAC partnered with the DOT Project to determine how digital could help them. During discovery they identified a key need. The existing manual ‘triage’ process that each enquiry went through was labour intensive and often simple requests took much longer than needed. A prototype of an online ‘Triage Tool’ was created and we then stepped in to help bring it to life with user centred design and development.

User centred design

Working together, sketching out who their audiences were and what needs they had allowed us to define the user journeys which were fed into a content map for the tool. User research feedback sessions with professionals and members of the public, resulted in impactful content changes at key stages in the tool.

Empowering, self-help tool

The end result is an online self-help tool with tailored services. Better informed, simple queries are dealt with quickly and those more complex cases are passed on to advisors.

Impactful Results

Since the creation of the new website we have seen a 123% increase in users (from 330 to 736 on average per month). We’ve also seen a 65% decrease in telephone calls for simple queries down from 60 to 21 per month and 39% of all welfare benefit and debt enquiries since May 2022 came via the advice tool.


About North Bristol Advice Centre

North Bristol Advice Centre are a social justice charity who offer free and independent welfare benefits and debt advice within North Bristol and South Gloucestershire.


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