Top tips for selecting the right website design agency in Bristol

With so many website design agencies in Bristol, how do you choose the right one for your business?

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Having been experts in the website design industry in Bristol for 20 years, we’ve received a great deal of feedback from our clients about how hard it is to select the right website design agency.

Not all agencies are alike and costs can vary greatly. With so many website design agencies in Bristol it can be daunting trying to work out what they all offer, and what makes them right for your business.

We’ve put together four top tips to help you approach agencies and ultimately select the right one for you.

Don’t be starstruck, consider your budget

Select those website design agencies that are likely to be able to work within your budget. If an agency’s portfolio is full of corporate brands it’s likely their invoices will be in line with the budgets of their previous big brand clients.

Look for the right skills

This can be tricky, as the website design industry is full of jargon. Some things that in the past were a point of difference are now considered minimum delivery. If you’re looking for a website design agency to deliver you a successful mobile app or website, then here is a short list of skills that any good website design agency in Bristol should mention:

  • User Centred or User Experience Design
    A design methodology that seeks to align customer motivations and behaviour with your business’s objectives.
  • Digital Strategy
    Before designing or building anything a good agency will work with you to plan your project, enabling you to measure success and make informed decisions.
  • Audience or customer research
    You may be able to supply good quality customer information to your chosen website design agency, however the fact that this is important to a successful project should be something an agency is aware of and talking about.
  • Wire framing and prototyping
    This is where an agency will produce either a series of diagrams or clickable models of your website or mobile app. This is important as it saves time and money in the long run by allowing you to see how the finished product will work. This is much the same as when an architect produces a scale model of a building.

Personality and cultural fit

Take the time to meet with website design agencies and specifically the people who you’ll be in contact with on an ongoing basis. Projects can last for a number of months, so it’s important that you trust and get on with the people producing what it likely to be a core element of your business. The best relationships are when your chosen website design agency feels like an extension of your business.

Get value for money

The way design agencies price projects can be vastly different. When short-listing a number of website design agencies, ask them all to quote on something specific. For example, ask how many days might they allocate to the design of your website homepage, what might you expect to receive in way of service, and how much will it cost. This allows you to make a quick cross comparison between them – without having to deconstruct the pricing for an entire project.


  1. Find website design agencies that operate within your budget
  2. Make sure they have the right skills for your business
  3. Get to know them and feel confident that they understand your business
  4. Get the best value for money on specific design deliverables

If you follow these top tips, then you should find it much easier to sort through the plethora website design agencies in and around Bristol and the South West.

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