Transforming a pioneering charity into a digital legacy

Providing a full aftercare service, we continue to improve, support and maintain the growing digital portfolio.


"Working with Modular has been transformational for Nacoa. To create new parts of our charity’s service, they took time to understand the whole. Our bespoke content management system has provided us the ability to flexibly create website content that genuinely attracts and moves people to action".

Developing a flagship

Our long term relationship with Nacoa is a story of digital transformation. Going from a phone-based support helpline to a multipurpose flagship website and campaign sub-sites, Nacoa are able to provide much needed support to more people than ever before.

Support that feels right

With message boards, online resources, and live chat, visitors to the site are able to chose a way to access support that suits their own needs.

Community at its core

In addition to online message boards, community is fostered and encouraged through design elements that consider diverse needs and expectations.

Shared experience

Continual developments to introduce new sections and campaign sites means that visitors can give back to Nacoa and the community through donations, action and shared stories.


About Nacoa

Nacoa are a national, Bristol-based charity, founded in 1990 to address the needs of children growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism.


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