Our Media

Getting a new brand off the ground quickly with a rapid website build.

Our Media Logo

A site conceived, designed and implemented at lightening pace.

Rapid delivery

We conducted an intense discovery workshop during the rebrand, ensuring the new site could be developed in time for a relaunch. The design was able to develop and adapt as the project evolved allowing the build to fit the changing needs of the new site.

A promotional platform

The site allows Our Media to stand out from their competitors, showcasing their values and thought leadership.

Selling services

A complex backend taxonomy powers a simple frontend interface where Our Media can demonstrate their services and impressive portfolio. 

Flexible and extensible

The CMS (Content Management System) for the site is intuitive and accessible allowing the client to make frequent updates to content and pages.

Our Media Logo

About Our Media

Our Media is a leading special-interest content business and home to market-leading brands in craft, cycling, science and nature, homes and music.


  1. Publishing


  1. Launch
  2. Nurture


  1. Integration
  2. Wordpress CMS


  1. Wordpress
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