Be responsive, prepare for the future and redesign your website before it becomes necessary

Seizing the opportunity to update and change the design of your website keeps you ahead of the game and helps to avoid the pitfalls of being unprepared.

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From ‘Mobilegeddon’ to evolving ideas about style and layout, there are plenty of things which might prompt you to rethink the look and feel of your presence on the web.

We think any time is a good time to get redesigning and keeping your site fresh and up-to-date. It’s especially a good idea to engage with a new design before you really need to. The recent furore around mobile responsiveness is a great example of how being organised in time can keep you ahead of your competitors and avoid unnecessary panics.

We’ve put together a few tips on keeping your website up-to-date, looking good and functioning in the best way to suit your users.

Responsiveness is vital

What was once a trend is fast becoming industry standard. With mobile internet usage skyrocketing, having a site that is accessible on portable devices is more vital than ever. You can read more about the importance of mobile responsiveness in one of our other posts.

Style vs. Substance

Huge background photography, big bold typography, ghost buttons, all these features look great in the right places and can make using your site a feast for the eyes of the user. It is key however, that you don’t lose sight of what your users are visiting your website to do. It’s all well and good having videos autoplaying and pictures phasing in and out but if your user is looking for a simple piece of information, they don’t need to feel like they’re at an art exhibition.

User Experience

Following on from the previous point, we can’t emphasise enough the importance of thinking about what users want to get from your site. Sure, you might be able to make it so that visitors can see your site on a mobile device but do they really want all the functionality of the full site when on the go, how can you slim the features and content down, how long do they take to load? Thinking about these kinds of questions will help you to retain existing users and to gain new ones by keeping your site simple and functional.

Test and test again

There’s no excuse for not testing and checking your own website. As browsers and devices evolve and change you should always be taking a look at how your own web presence responds to new technologies.

Take action

Explore your options and get in touch with a professional company that can help you with your digital strategy and site design. They’ll be able to help you figure out what you and your audiences need to get out of a site, on both mobile and desktop, before assisting you in implementing any changes that may be needed. As with many things in life it’s always better to do these kinds of things before they’re really needed to avoid a mad rush to keep up with your competitors.

At Modular we pride ourselves on helping our clients to have up-to-date, responsive and well designed websites and apps.

We love to design cool digital things, let us design them for you!

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