How we do it

We employ a tried and tested user centred design methodology to create innovative and successful projects.

Digital Strategy, Audience Segmentation, Digital Consultancy, Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Visual User Interface Design, Brand Identity Design, Mobile Interface, Mobile Interface, Responsive (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop), Wordpress CMS, Pattern Library

Here at Modular, we are a team of highly experienced digital craftsmen who are passionate about designing and building interfaces that fulfil the needs of those who interact with them. So often the end user is forgotten about when technology and design come together. Some agencies dive straight into designing pretty looking websites that look nice on paper, but often fail dismally when built and interacted with.

We believe in beginning all of our projects with an understanding of what your customer’s goals and needs are. We have a robust, yet agile process that effectively delivers meaningful insights which help to inform design and technical decisions. The result is a solution that’s not only aligned to your business objectives but also satisfies the aspirations of those who need to engage with it. For specific examples, take a look at some of our client case studies.


Before we design anything we take the time to understand your organisation, its people, structure and objectives as well as the desired outcomes from the project.

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Internal interviews


To gain insights into your audience’s needs and motivations we undertake research, this is either in person or can take place over the phone.

  • Audience research
  • Persona definition
  • Digital strategy
  • Content strategy

User Experience Design

We use a combination of the research insights, your input, our knowledge, expertise and creativity, to design a user experience that engages your audience.

  • Information Architecture
  • User Journey
  • Task Modelling
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive Prototypes

Usability Testing

We validate design solutions by undertaking usability and user experience testing with participants from your key target audience groups.

  • Participant recruitment
  • Methodology and test plan
  • Moderation
  • Analysis and reporting

Technical Planning

We disassemble the project to fully consider what is involved, enabling us to research and seek out the best technologies and methodologies to ensure success.

  • Data & Component Architecture
  • Technical Considerations
  • API creation and integration
  • CMS selection
  • Hosting requirements

Visual Language Design

We use a combination of the research insights, your input, our knowledge, expertise and creativity, to design a user experience that engages your audience.

  • User Interface Design
  • Branding identity design
  • Icon Design

User Interface Build

We build high-quality, cross-browser compatible, valid markup and interactions that are both template and components driven to help ease platform integration.

  • HTML Templates
  • Static Component Build
  • Interactive Component Build

Our Work

Website Design, SME, Entrepreneurs, User Experience Design Website design

Responsive website design for a stunning 18th Century Country house wedding venue in North Wales

The website design utilises fullscreen video and beautiful photography to convey the scenery and magical atmosphere of this high-end Georgian wedding venue.

Digital Consultancy, SME, Start Up, User Experience Design, South Wales, Digital Strategy, Brand Identity Design, Corporate Identity Design User experience

User experience design for a South Wales based university publishing website

This project involved the design and build of an online platform for a university publishing website and encompassed everything from corporate identity design through to HTML build.

Project Zomboid Wordpress CMS

Website design and WordPress CMS for zombie game developers

The Indie Stone, an independent PC game development company approached Modular to design and build a unique website experience that reflected their game’s personality.

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