Global Goals Centre: going BIG with digital

The Global Goals Centre is a UK-based education charity that aims to create engaging experiences to drive action and learning about climate and equality. They needed a modern website to further their objectives of inspiring action and promoting change, and they asked us to design and build a custom WordPress site to raise their digital profile. Alongside this, they asked us to create a searchable resource hub to curate content that could add value to their overall project.

Getting the Global Goals online as an educational resource

The primary objective of the site is to engage a wide range of people and encourage positive action and volunteering. The website is situated as the ‘go-to place’ to find impactful content on climate and equality issues. Acting as a shop window for the organisation, the site showcases the values, ambitions and achievements of Global Goals Centre. Part of the site is dedicated to an online library called the ‘resource hub’ which is populated with inspiring and informative content. Upcoming and past projects are also featured, highlighting the charity’s successes and promoting future funding and partnerships. It is a database of useful content and educational resources, and an evolving resource for educators, businesses and individuals to support learning about the issues Global Goals Centre works on. 

Global Goals Centre’s Resource Hub - combines the best of WordPress and user experience design to create an interactive and educational resource library for the Global Goals.
Global Goals Centre‘s Resource Hub

Optimising editorial workflow in a scalable website

Ensuring effective editorial workflow and scalability was a key part of the decision-making process during the construction of the site. During both the design and build phases, Modular Digital focused on optimising performance and efficiency for the site’s admin team. Functionality, accessibility and budget were all balanced to create something that suited the organisation’s values and ethos. Audience research and internal organisational workshops contributed towards a navigation system and content structure that was easy for the admin team to edit and scale; the idea was to make the site ready for further developments in the future.

Creating an effective permissions system

A system of tiered permissions on the site site allowed editors to review and curate content submitted to the resource hub by contributors. To allow those at contributor level to submit content for review whilst minimising the impact on the rest of the site, different views of the content management system (CMS)  were created. Content filtering tools and extensive taxonomy (digital classification) work meant that the resource hub content was organised in an engaging, intuitive manner for the end user. The taxonomy was designed so that the resource hub is flexible and extendable, so it could grow organically over time in a manageable fashion and with minimal oversight from the admin team. This meant we had to build a layered system where content could be effectively peer-reviewed and edited within the CMS itself.

Enhancing brand values with interactive design

As part of this exciting project, we also adapted Global Goals Centre’s existing brand guidelines. We created a new logo and brand identity to encourage interaction with the Centre’s projects in a creative way. The new logo uses colour and circular form to express the values of inclusivity and global community that the Centre drives forward in their work.  As a whole, the structure and design of the site aims to take users on a journey towards a point of further engagement with issues surrounding climate change and equality, and it does so in an interactive, informative, and adaptable way. At the same time, it now features a multi-layered content management system for editing contributor workflow that is easy and intuitive for the team to use. 

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