How Bristol’s small businesses can adopt a digital strategy

Once a city famous for trade and exploration, Bristol has become known for being at the cutting edge of new digital technologies. Here’s how its small businesses can lead the way.

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Bristol’s potential as a smart city of the future has propelled the region into the spotlight. Yet for many businesses the need to adopt a digital strategy is severely hampered by a lack of confidence and understanding when it comes to planning and implementation, research by Accenture has shown.

As a capital for both new and small businesses Bristol can lead the way by embedding digital strategy into the core of their businesses from the beginning.

Don’t be afraid to start

There’s no time like the present to begin thinking about your digital strategy. Start simple and explore how your audiences interact with digital technology and how this connects them to you. Businesses have been built in Bristol on this concept. Think Wriggle, the website and application that links hungry people with local restaurants offering exclusive deals. Wriggle has expanded quickly and is now available in Cardiff and Brighton. One of the biggest problems faced by businesses is a fear of digital or a reluctance to think strategically about their digital communication from the beginning.

Put your users first

Following a strategy that assumes ‘the more apps and digital projects the better’ will lead to the proliferation of low-quality and frustratingly poor user experiences that will ultimately drive your audience away. Avoid this by developing audience personas and putting them at the centre of your digital strategy. Once you know who who your audience is you can test the usability of your digital products.

Develop digital skills

In their research Accenture found that 45% of businesses are worried about the lack of employees with digital skills. Finding out what skills you already have within your business will help you to see where the gaps are. Filling these gaps can form part of your strategy. This will ensure that employees of all ages and abilities are aware of the importance you place on the development of their digital skills and will create benefits across your organisation and beyond.

Get some help

Preparation and planning can save you a lot of hassle further down the line. Getting professional digital advice could propel you well ahead of your competitors, ensuring that you and your audience remain tightly connected in an increasingly digital world.

At Modular we take the time to understand your organisation and its people. We construct a clear digital strategy by gaining insights into your audience, understanding their needs and motivations and aligning them with your business objectives.

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